Daniele Savasta
Iuav University of Venice/ Italy

April 27 - 28 2012 Friday - Satruday / 9.00 -17.30 / Room : D212
Paticipant 20 people (design students and young designers, artists, photographers, socialst and anthropologist)
Language English

SUBJECT Service Design – Visual Communication Design
Social meal workshop will be a moment of reflection on design approach to the food lifecycle: cradle to cradle or in other terms farm to farm, thinking of supply, preparation and consumption, the participant will try to find solutions for contemporary needs.
Meshing social media to everyday face-to-face meeting, we will research for artifacts and services to share knowledge about urban agriculture, food sharing, food miles and solidarity purchasing groups.
To put this in some questions:
• What is the current state of design approach to the food lifecycle?
• What is the real commitment and solution proposed by designers in this research field? How might we improve and better share the importance of this kind of research and projects?
• What happens to our everyday life if we work on the most important activity? How big our intervention need to be to produce an effect?
• What can be done with social media to enrich the preparation, consumption and/or the supplying of food?

Service / Product - Local / Global - Slow / Fast

There is no requirement